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April 4, 2019

Thursdays with Ting

I'm a little excited to write this post today and share with you the news I always hoped would come to this blog: my daughter is joining me on the book blogging journey!

My daughter, Ting (her internet name), is nine years old and currently in the 4th-ish grade (it's a long story). She has been a book lover since she was tiny and I would read to her on the couch. As soon as she learned to read on her own, she took off at a pace that even I'm envious of.

With books always an important part of her life, I was hopeful she would one day have the skills to write her own reviews about the books she was reading. I am so excited that day is finally here.

From here forward, Thursdays will be dedicated to Ting (and I'm going to move my reviews to Mondays). She will share with you the books she borrows from the local library, books we purchase, and advanced reads she will obtain from NetGalley, and hopefully directly from publishers.

I hope you will encourage her in her book blogging journey. Her reviews will be shared on my social media accounts, and I will be sure to share your comments with her. Come back next week for her first review!