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February 6, 2017

In the Shadow of Denali {Tracie Peterson | Kimberley Woodhouse}

in the shadow of denali tracie peterson kimberley woodhouse
Cassidy Ivanoff and her father John, a wilderness guide, work at a prestigious new hotel outside Mt. McKinley. John's new apprentice, Allan Brennan, finds a friend in Cassidy, but the real reason he's here--to learn the truth about his father's death--is far more dangerous than he knows.

My Thoughts:
I wanted to love this book. Based on the description is sounded like it was going to be a suspenseful read with surprises in each chapter. Unfortunately, that was not at all what this was.

I enjoyed the characters in this book but did not feel any real connection to them. John and his daughter, Cassidy, are hard workers with an outstanding faith in God. They work in the hotel within the new national state park and live their lives as any other person does.

Allan was an interesting character with great potential, but he fell flat for me once he arrived in Alaska. His turmoil, his walk towards faith, and his journey to forgiveness felt very forced and predictable.

We know from the beginning how Allan's father died, so trying to turn that storyline into something of suspense just did not work. It was hard to be surprised by any of the revelations from the characters or their events.

Although this story lacked the suspense and surprise I was hoping for, it was still a decent read. It moved at a steady pace, and the characters were okay.

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