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January 24, 2017

With this Ring {Debra Clopton}

with this ring debra clopton
After her small son, Kevin, asked both God and Santa for a new daddy for Christmas, and then didn’t find him under the tree, school teacher, Jessica Lyons is starting the new year out with a very unhappy six-year-old on her hands. Kevin can’t understand that she’s only been a widow for 2 years and she can’t imagine marrying again—not yet at least. But, unknown to her Kevin has a plan and has decided that if God and Santa won’t give him what he wants then maybe the police can! 

When the very handsome Chief of Police, Levi Sinclair shows up as Kevin’s Show-and-Tell he believes, as does Jessica, that her son has asked him there to show him off as the "police chief"—it’s a little awkward when Kevin introduces Levi as his next daddy!

Things are getting a bit complicated on the shores of Windswept Bay! Come join the fun in With This Ring book 6 of this captivating series. You’ve watched the four Sinclair sisters fall in love now it’s time to watch the five Sinclair brothers find the women of their dreams.

My Thoughts:
I have been waiting for hunky Levi Sinclair's story, and it did not disappoint in any way. Levi is the local police chief, and apparently the goal of many of the women in town. The thing is, he doesn't even realize it.

Then Levi falls in love with six-year-old Kevin. The relationship that Levi and Kevin forms melted my heart immediately and had me hoping these two would somehow find themselves in each other's lives on a permanent basis. The only thing standing in their way is Kevin's mother, Jessica.

Jessica and Kevin have been through a world of hurt following the death of her husband, Adam. Kevin seems to have recovered more quickly than his mother, and he is determined to make Levi his father. Jessica isn't too sure. Her heart is guarded following the death of her husband, and she is so sure she is not ready to marry, she's not even trying.

As Levi and Jessica become friends, we see the sparks almost instantly. These two are meant to be together, but it takes the work of the entire Sinclair clan to finally convince them of their love for each other. This installment of the Sinclair family had so much love and made my heart so happy. Whether you are new to the Sinclairs, of have been reading all their stories, this story is one you must get your hands on.

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