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October 22, 2016

Kosmo's Christmas Delivery {Deb Kalmbach}

kosmo's christmas delivery deb kalmbach
Kosmo, the king of troublesome terriers, takes trouble to a whole new level! He's a one-of-a-kind, corn-on-the-cob nibbling, ice cream licking, always-into-mischief dog. Kosmo's Christmas Delivery is told from the point-of-view of an older, but not necessarily wiser dog, Kramer, who laments the acquisition of Kosmo by his family, especially his girl, Emily Jean.

When the inquisitive Kosmo jumps on board the Yellow Package delivery truck a few days before Christmas, Kramer, secretly wishes the pup will be lost forever. He reluctantly agrees to help Emily Jean search the snowy streets of their small town for Kosmo. Through a series of unusual events, the missing terrier finally comes home, but not a moment before his older sibling realizes how much he cares about his young friend.

Our Thoughts:
I have a special place in my heart for Jack Russell Terriers. My first furbaby was a Jack Russell and she was so much fun. Kosmo brings the perfect example of a Jack Russell’s personality to Emily Jean’s home.

This book tells the story of a new puppy coming into a home with an established dog, Kramer. Kramer is not too thrilled to have the new puppy at the house and is completely annoyed at everything Kosmo does. In fact, Kramer is pretty happy with Kosmo gets himself into trouble and goes missing.

But then Kramer discovers that he actually liked Kosmo and misses him so much. When Kosmo finally makes his arrival back home, everyone is so thankful he has returned. Especially Kramer.

This story is a great book for Christmas, but also for older siblings who might not always be thrilled to have younger siblings around. I know my kids fight sometimes and drive each other crazy, but each of them is completely lost when the other is not around. They are the best of friends and their relationship is much like that of Kramer and Kosmo.

This is a great book to bring siblings and families together, and also get into the Christmas spirit. Definitely put this book on your shopping list for any kids in your life.

Deb Kalmbach considers herself an "expert" in not-so-perfect marriages. She's passionate about helping other women take one step forward, then another to find healing and wholeness in their lives. Real hope for real life is what Deb strives to communicate to her readers. 

Deb and her husband Randy can see the half-century milestone (a miracle!) for their marriage on the horizon. They live in a tiny town in rural Washington state with Kosmo, their Jack Russell Terrier, who has inspired a new children's book series.