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July 6, 2016

Wee Read Wednesday: The Dr. Hedgehog Series

dr hedgehog series jerry mushin
When you are as small as Martin Mouse, every little thing seems like the start of a whole new adventure. However, when things go wrong, and the world gets too big, it is good to know that the Doctor is only a phone call away. The Dr. Hedgehog picture book series is intended to be read aloud to young children. Both the readers and the listeners will enjoy the stories. There are common characters, but each story can be read independently of the others.

In most of the stories, Martin Mouse finds himself in awkward situations but Dr. Hedgehog, usually with the help of other animals, is always able to assist. Children will recognize their mothers in Mavis Mouse, who worries about her son and is always greatly relieved when he arrives home safely. Includes: Dr. Hedgehog and the Post Box Rescue, Dr. Hedgehog and the Tree Rescue, Dr. Hedgehog and the River Rescue.

Our Thoughts:
This is such a cute series for young children, especially boys. Martin Mouse is a little mouse who seems to find himself in trouble. Despite his mom always warning him of ways to avoid trouble, he still finds it. Luckily he has a community of animals looking out for him, led by Dr. Hedgehog, and they are always there to lend a hand to get little Martin out of trouble.

Whether Martin has fallen into a post box, found his stuck in a tree, or landed in an icy river after walking on ice, Dr. Hedgehog always comes along and has a way to get him out of trouble. Henry Horse and Fred Frog are just some of the doctor’s friends who help come to the rescue and make for an entertaining story for little readers. And I just love that Dr. Hedgehog drives a car made from a baked bean can, ha!!

In addition to being entertaining, these books also lightly touch on the consequences Martin Mouse encounters when he does not listen to his mother’s warnings. Though intended for little ears, these lessons start at a young age, and this is a great way to help teach them.

My son loves these books, and I have enjoyed reading them with him. We also like the large pull-out posters included in each book. It is fun to have some of your favorite book characters hanging on your bedroom wall!

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