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September 30, 2015

Wee Read Wednesday: Lets Learn About the Lord's Prayer

Wee Read Wednesday: Lets Learn About the Lord's Prayer
In this first book of the HeartSmart series, preschoolers are invited on a playdate with Emma. Together they learn the Lord's Prayer and practice "teaching" it to Emma's favorite teddy bear.

Introducing HeartSmart, a Scripture memory series designed to create opportunities for children to fill their heart with God's Word. HeartSmart combines key Scriptures with songs, giving parents a spiritual formation path for building a strong foundation of faith.

The entire Lord's Prayer is included, along with a custom song (free download with access code).

My Thoughts:
This is such a fun book, and we enjoyed with both kids in our home.

I don’t actually remember anyone sitting me down and teaching me the Lord’s Prayer growing up, but it is something I do know I learned at an early age. I know that I learned several different versions of it before I finally looked it up in the Bible and learned it correctly as well.

This book takes the confusion out of the process and makes it something fun for kids to do. Kids first get to meet Emma and her animals and her best friend. Then Emma takes them on a little journey through her morning as she eats breakfast and prepares for her day.

The fun part of this is that Emma breaks down the Lord’s Prayer as she teaches it, and shows kids what each section is really talking about and how it relates to our talk with God. Emma makes the prayer easy to learn, and fun to be a part of.

Using this book as a resource is a wonderful way to help your kids learn the Lord’s Prayer, and will for sure be a resource in our home for years to come. I encourage you get a copy for your home and share it with your kids often.

Catherine DeVries has written twenty books for children, including the bestselling The Adventure Bible Storybook. As associate publisher of Children's Resources at David C Cook, she leads product development for The Action Bible collection, which has sold over a million copies. Catherine lives with her husband, their three children, and their big furry dog in the Colorado forest.

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