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August 25, 2015

Literary Junkies Link-Up

It's Literary Junkies day! Summer is winding down and fall is on the horizon. Scroll down to see what I've got going on these days, and then head over to Pink Heels Pink Truck and Life With a Side of Coffee to catch up on all things bookish.

Pink Heels Pink Truck

  1. What are you reading right now? At the time of writing this, I'm in the middle of In Firefly Valley from Amanda Cabot. It's the second in her Texas Crossroads series. The series takes place in the Texas Hill Country in a teeny tiny down. In the first book we were introduced to the run-down Rainbow Resort, and watched Greg and Kate fall in love and purchase the resort. In this second book we are getting to know Marisa, a hometown girl who has reluctantly moved back to her hometown and taken the job as business manager at the resort. She's not too thrilled to be back to small-town life, but things are beginning to heat up between her and one of the guests. 
  2. What books do you have on request at the library? None! I'm thankful to have a full schedule of book tours and sponsored reviews on the calendar and haven't had much time to head to the library lately.
  3. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once? I'm a one book kind of girl. If I try to read more than one book I start getting the characters and story lines mixed up. I read a book, and then have to write my review before I start the next one, or else the entire review turns into a hot mess!
  4. What makes you love a book? Great characters in a charming town. You get some down-to-earth characters and put them in small-town-America and I'm hooked every time. I can almost tolerate a horrible plot as long as the characters are fun and the town is appealing. It's weird, I know.
  5. Fall is just around the corner... what is your favorite cookbook? Oh, throw a hard one at me! I have several cookbooks on a shelf, but I rarely pick any of them up. I'm more of a Pinterest girl when it comes to scouting out new recipes.