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June 4, 2014

The Ghost of Blackwood Lane {Greg Enslen}

The Ghost of Blackwood Lane {Greg Enslen} | Ting's Mom Books
My book club meets again on Friday the 13th, so we wanted to find something scary to read for the occasion. We looked up scary books on Goodreads and this was listed first so we picked it.

This book was not scary. Suspenseful, yes. But not scary. BUT, it turned out okay.

The book starts out pretty confusing. It feels like you have walked into a room full of people in mid-conversation. Several of the characters have more than one name and it takes a bit to figure out who is who, and and how they all mesh together.

Once you get everyone figured out, the book is actually good. The story line is very practical and there enough suspense to keep you turning pages late into the night. All the characters work well together and make the story line fun to read.

About half way through I found myself picking favorites and cheering Judy on through her struggles.

This is not my typical genre to read, and I likely won't be back to it any time soon. But it was a fun read and a good change of pace.

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