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June 2, 2014

More Than a Glimpse {Robin Keahey}

More Than a Glimpse {Robin Keahey} | #bookreview #christianfiction #glimpseseries
I am so in love with the story of Katie and Levi, and I have been waiting on this book for months.

Loving her new life, Katie Phillips knows she is blessed beyond measure. She has an amazing husband, a son she adores, and a new life growing in her womb. She thought the pain and struggles from her past were over but with one accidental bump of a stroller, it all comes rushing back. The blue-eyed monster from her past is back, and he’s determined to take what he thinks is his.
As her life changes from idyllic to chaotic, will Katie stand strong in her renewed faith, or will she crumble when her dreams of a happy future are replaced by old nightmares?
More Than a Glimpse is the riveting and unpredictable sequel to Katie’s Glimpse.
More Than a Glimpse starts right where Katie's Glimpse left off (you can read my review of that first book here). Katie is happy and living a wonderful life, and then JT shows up and throws everything off. Of course Levi comes in and rescues Katie from the initial encounter, but JT is not finished.

It is hard to tell you how awesome this book is without giving away any of the story line. Basically JT is stalking the family, Levi is protective of his family, and Katie is still so sweet.

As Katie's pregnancy progresses she has to come off her depression medications. This mixed with JT's constant appearances creates a complete mess for Katie. Levi is so madly in love with Katie and I love how he takes such good care of her and Asher.

I felt like God was working more in this book than in the first one and I love it. Watching Katie come around, as well as her reaching out to JT is a testament to what God can and will do if you just let him.

This book finished with a wrap up of the story, so I'm not sure if there is a book three or not. If there isn't, I really hope Robin will give us some blog posts every once in a while about what Katie and Levi are up to. I feel so invested in their lives and want to see how they are doing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good Christian fiction/romance story. But, you need to read Katie's Glimpse first. You can purchase them both at the links below.

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