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May 14, 2014

One More Last Chance {Cathleen Armstrong}

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sarah Cooley has finished college and returned to the teeny tiny town of Last Chance to begin her teaching career. Sarah's family runs a ranch in Last Chance and Sarah finds a house just a few doors down from her grandma.

I just love Grandma in this book. Grandma is set in her ways and very determined to make Sarah "behave" in the appropriate way now that she is back in town.

Chris Reed is the new-to-town and new owner of the Dip 'n' Dine. Apparently the Dip 'n' Dine is the only restaurant in Last Chance because everyone keeps ending up there - several times a day.

Of course Sarah gets Chris' attention the first time they meet and Chris is determined to have Sarah in his life. But Sarah has some baggage (aka Brandon) from college that just won't seem to go away. It seems like every time Sarah starts to have an interest in Chris, Brandon pops back up again. And then things are complicated with the addition of Olivia, Chris' niece that ends up in Last Chance as well.

I did love enjoy this story. The thoughts of Sarah settling back into her hometown after college reminded me a lot of when I returned home. My entire family is here and everyone had an opinion of how my life was supposed to be.

I also liked that the author didn't seem to try to lead you in the direction of the "right" guy for Sarah. Reading this book you are kind of left to decided for yourself how you want it all to end. Thankfully though, everything ended exactly how I wanted it to!

One More Last Chance is actually the second book in a series, but it is easily a stand alone book. I did not feel that I had missed anything from not reading the first book.  Book number three is due out in 2015 and I am looking forward to it.

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