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April 22, 2019

Becoming Us {Robin Jones Gunn}

becoming us robin jone sgunn
Five young moms, including beloved Gunn character Christy Miller, gather to share meals and soon become unlikely best friends. The regular gatherings provide opportunities for the women to reveal their stories, and those life stories endear them to each other. They experience their lives naturally meshing as they raise their children together in the community. In Becoming Us the group finds ways to challenge, encourage, and help each other become the nurturing mothers they wished they'd had when they were growing up. They unite to be remembered for what they do as moms and not for what was done to them.

My Thoughts:
I admit this is a very difficult review to write because my feelings are all over the place about this book. I truly loved these characters and the small piece of their life I was able to be a part of.

I immediately felt a connection to Emily and Trevor as soon as we met them. This book is written in the first person and told by Emily as she navigates a new life she and her husband have created for themselves and their daughter. The couple has moved across the country, far away from all their friends and family, to being a new life together. I admit that while I love all our family dearly, I have contemplated how fun it would be for my small family to pack ourselves up and head out on an adventure of our own. But watching Emily and Trevor struggle with their finances, their marriage, and their friends just proved to me how fortunate we are to have our family near and dear.

I especially loved their daughter, Audra. Audra is around the same age as my daughter and seemed to have much the same personality and interest as we experience at our house. I felt connected to Audra as a mother and appreciated the insight I gained into the life of a tween through her character.

I enjoyed watching Emily and Trevor struggle together, remain as a team, spend time on their marriage, and ultimately turn to God for each decision that had to be made in their lives. I thought they served as a great example of how a couple must detach from their former lives and their families to become a family on their own.

The ultimate focus of this book was the friendship Emily formed with the other four moms in her community. However, I honestly felt this was such a minimal part of this book and the story told of Emily and her new life in California.

With all that said, I struggle with this review because while I did enjoy the book, the characters, and the story that was told, I also found myself wishing this book moved so much faster. I kept waiting for a major conflict or struggle - something these characters would have to fight hard to overcome - yet I never felt that moment ever arrived. I felt the book ended without a real ending. It was literally as if we began watching this family one day and then simply stepped away a few months later.

I felt the book was beautifully written, an exemplary example of a couple working together to keep their marriage strong, and a sweet bond between a group of women. But I never felt the connection strong enough to push me to finish quickly. It was a very slow read for me, and one I felt I had to force myself to keep coming back to.

I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley

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