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December 31, 2017

Changes {They Always Happen}

I'm not saying Goodbye, but this is definitely See You Later.

I started this blog almost four years ago because of my deep love of books. I wanted to tell the world about all the great books out there. None of that has changed. What has changed has been the ages of my children and my personal health.

My kids are now five and eight. They participate in sports. They want mom to hang out with them. They are learning to help out around the house. And they are growing up faster than I can handle it.

Also, I miss the days of walking up and down the shelves of the library. Selecting a book I never heard of and the thrill of opening that first page.

No, my love of books has not wavered. And I will continue to tell the world about books I love. But the days of this book review blog are fading away.

As of today, the end of 2017, I will no longer post reviews on this blog. I will keep the blog open so the reviews can live on. And who knows, one day I may return. But in this season of my life, I plan to discover new authors, enjoy the thrill of the first paragraph, and soak up every single minute of my children.

Thank you for being here through the years. Thank you for your comments and your discussions. I will still be on social media, so I hope to stay in contact.

And I hope you each have a wonderful 2018!