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November 5, 2016

Bible Belles: Abigail

abigail the belle of bravery
With the help of her angel Mari, Rooney has learned that she has two real superpowers: Prayer and Patience. The adventure continues in Book Three of the Bible Belles series, as Rooney faces her toughest challenge yet.

After a tough afternoon with her brother and some neighborhood kids, Rooney is faced with a difficult choice: can she be brave enough to do the right thing? 

Through the story of Abigail, Rooney learns that she can call upon the courage of God to boldly face any problem with the confidence that He will see her through it.

Join Rooney and Mari on another exciting adventure to becoming the best kind of superhero—a Bible Belle!

Our Thoughts:
The Bible Belles are back, and this time the story is about Abigail. I have to admit I was not sure I knew Abigail’s story when we first received this book. I was looking forward to learning more as much as my daughter.

Abigail was married to a mean man who treated others unfairly. Through her bravery and willingness to reach out on her own, Abigail was able to stop the noble men from acting out of anger. Through Abigail’s story, we learn how being brave can work to the good in any situation.

Rooney learns first hand how bravery can pay off after her brother is mean to the new neighbors. It is through her acts of being brave like Abigail that Rooney is able to make things alright with the neighbors and apologize on behalf of her brother.

Just like the previous books in the Bible Belles series, Rooney earns a bell at the end of the story. This bell is for bravery. As the series builds Rooney’s bells are beginning to spell something. We can’t wait for the remaining books in this series to see what Rooney will discover at the end.

A Spanish-slinging wife and mama of two kids (one with paws), Erin is committed to changing the world’s current definition of beauty. Founder and CEO of Bible Belles and award winning author of “The Adventures of Rooney Cruz” series, Erin encourages her audience to come alongside the next generation of girls to discover God’s love and their unique purpose.

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