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August 17, 2016

Wee Read Wednesday: Totally Twins {Aleesah Darlison}

totally twins aleesah darlison
Musical Mayham
Persephone begins writing her own personal SECRET diary. She is horrified when she has to audition for the school musical and takes comfort in writing down her most SECRET thoughts.The Heartfield Heights Musical Extravaganza soon launches into full swing, much to Persephone's dismay and her sister Portia's jubilation.

Model Mania
Portia is determined to become the next top model. Persephone thinks she is DELUSIONAL. Persephone spends hours on the couch at the Heavenly Models Agency writing her diary, rolling her eyes and sneezing from the toxic fumes of hairspray, perfume and makeup. Follow the next comical TOTALLY TWINS adventure as Portia sets her sights on a modelling career.

totally twins aleesah darlison
Tropical Trouble
Perse and her twin, Portia, are set for an exciting holiday, but there's one catch. The girls' annoying seven-year-old neighbour, Dillon Pickleton, is going with them!In Perse's greatest adventure yet she faces the perils of sailing the open seas, swimming with sharks and a dreaded dance-off.Follow the next hilarious TOTALLY TWINS adventure as Portia and Perse get themselves into tropical trouble in Fiji.

Birthday Bonanza
Perse and her twin, Portia, are about to turn 11. How will they celebrate their birthday? Will shy Perse want the same outrageous party as Portia?Birthday Bonanza is full of surprises.Follow the next hilarious Totally Twins adventure as Perse and Portia plan their party and receive a few unexpected presents.

Our Thoughts:
These books were very entertaining. My daughter read each of them and found them to be very entertaining and funny. She said she liked both of the twins, but in different ways. Her favorite among the four books was the Birthday Bonanza, but she said she wishes there were more books about the twins for her to read.

The books are written in diary format from a middle-schooler perspective. The language is very easy to follow and read, and very obvious written for the middle school age group. From a parenting perspective, I thought the books were entertaining and somewhat funny at times. The twins seem like fun girls who enjoy their lives.

These are great books to have in a middle-school book collection. I plan to keep them on our shelves for several years as I know my daughter will come back to them many times as she reads throughout the years.