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May 4, 2016

Wee Read Wednesday: I Wanna Be a Great Big Dinosaur

i wanna be a great big dinosaur heath mckenzie
More than anything in the world, one little boy wants to be a great big dinosaur! And he’s in luck! A great big T.rex shows up to teach him how to stomp and roar – just like a dinosaur. But dinosaurs aren’t’ so great at fun things like reading or video games…

A playful story with a surprise twist about being whoever – or whatever – you want.

Our Thoughts:
This is such a fun book. My son loves dinosaurs, so I knew he would love this book as well – I was right.

The little boy in this book wants so badly to be a dinosaur. To his surprise, a big dinosaur shows up and shows him how to roar, stomp, and eat just like a dinosaur. But then the boy discovers all the things he enjoys doing that dinosaurs don’t do – pizza, soccer, video games, and more.

As it turns out, being a little boy is just as exciting as being a big dinosaur. The two of them figure out they can have fun just being themselves.

I loved that my son loved this book so much. I also appreciate the message of being happy with being exactly who you are. A lesson all kids need to learn.

Health McKenzie is a bestselling author and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Emily, little daughter Ava, and son Oscar. After writing My Rules for Being a Pretty Princess, Health decided it was time to spend some time being a great big dinosaur… only to discover along the way that being himself was pretty great too! Who says you can’t be both – and even more?! You can find Heath online at