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March 17, 2016

I Want It All {Gwen Smith}

i want it all gwen smith
Gwen Smith knows how easy it is to dismiss God’s plans with the thoughts, I can’t make a big difference for God because I’m just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life. Yet God created us to join Him in doing amazing work in the world. He created us to live with abundant joy, courage, and influence. But not the joy, courage, and influence of the world. He offers His grace for each failure, His love that shatters hate, His peace that soothes the turmoil, His comfort, guidance, wisdom, rest, power, and significance. Every blessing He has for us is ours for the taking.

I Want It All will ignite a fire in your heart to experience more faith, more power, and more impact. More of Jesus. All of Jesus. Everything that God has for you.

My Thoughts:
We live in a world where the ultimate goal is always to have more than the other person. Better job, bigger house, nicer cars, newer clothes, smarter kids, the list goes on and on. It seems we are always racing towards being the best of the best, and many times we take no regard to what we leave behind in the process.

But that is what our lives were intended for? I think not. God wants us to work towards being the best for Him. Living our lives in a race to always love Him and live for Him.

In this book, Gwen Smith does an amazing job of reminding us what race we should be running – the one toward God. She not only uses real-life stories to illustrate her points, but she brings us back to God’s word and how it relates to how our lives should look. She reminds us that we can have everything this world has to offer, but without God we have nothing.

I enjoyed the reflection time at the end of each chapter and the verse references to encourage readers to study more on the points in the book. This book will change your way of thinking, and encourage you to work harder at living a life full of God’s love and His plan for his life. Put this one in your reading stack.

Gwen Smith is an author and volleyball enthusiast who lives in sunny North Carolina and has been married to her college honey, Brad, for 23 years. They are tired parents to three competitive-sport-playing teens who keep them on their toes and on their knees. Her online friends meet at to connect and be encouraged, and her goal is to help women think big thoughts about God and be inspired to live out the grace and truth of Jesus. Gwen speaks, leads worship, and eats potato chips at women's events everywhere, and she is a co-founder of the conference and devotional ministry Girlfriends in God.

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