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October 28, 2015

Wee Read Wednesday: VeggieTales Super Comics

Wee Read Wednesday: VeggieTales Super Comics
VeggieTales! VeggieTales!

My kids get crazy excited whenever anything VeggieTales makes its way into our house. Excited in a way that they start running around and singing the theme song at the top of their lungs. I have to admit, though, the veggies are pretty cool, even for the mom in me.

Recently we were introduced to the VeggieTales Super Comics. These are some cool books. I want Ting to enjoy reading as much as I do, but sometimes she acts like it is a chore. But these comic books seems to be enjoyable to her and I'm happy to see her reading.

Each super comic book includes three VeggieTales stories. Volume One teaches bravery with Dave and the Giant Pickle, sharing with Lyle the Kindly Viking, and defeating pride with LarryBoy and the Prideosaurus.

In Volume Two we get three more fun stories about handling fear with League of Incredible Vegetables, saying you're sorry with LarryBoy and the Reckless Ruckus, and obedience with Josh and the Big Wall.

Each book is filled with bright graphics and introduces kids to speech bubbles with fun dialog between the veggies. My kids enjoy reading through the stories, and my son even makes up extra dialogue for some of the characters, ha!

The back of each comic book includes a Parent Connection section. This section points out the key verse from each story and has a few questions that parents can discus with their kids about the stories they have read.

You can pick up both of these, plus the new Volume Three, and your local Family Christian Store, or through their online store.