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September 16, 2015

Wee Read Wednesday: Read Me a Bible Story 365

Read Me a Bible Story 365 giveaway
My kids have a lot of books on their shelves, and I love almost every single one of them. But it has been a while since I have been as excited about a book as I am for Read Me a Bible Story 365.

Tommy Nelson sent me this book and as soon as I opened it I knew we had a winner.

This book is perfect for both of my kids (ages 3 and 6), and is going to be such an asset to our bedtime routine. Beginning with January 1, Read Me a Bible Story 365 has very short stories from the Bible. The stories are told in one paragraph segments, are simply told, and easily understood by kids of all ages.

Just as the title suggests, there are 365 stories in this book! They are dated through the calendar year to help you keep up with your reading.

Although I love reading to my kids (and really need to work on my commitment of reading to them each day), this is going to be an amazing resource for them to do together. The stories are easy enough that Ting can read them to Bug. I see this being a new bedtime routine for us beginning January 1, and I can't wait!

Read Me a Bible Story 365 is brought to you by Tommy Nelson, and you can check out a preview by clicking here. Then head over and purchase your own copy from Tommy Nelson, or wherever you typically purchase your faith-based children's books.

But first... use the widget below and get entered for your chance to win your copy! Giveaway will close Saturday at 6pm CST, so hurry and get entered!