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August 13, 2015

Get to Me {Lara Van Hulzen}

get to me men of honor
Aimee can identify a killer.

Dane can keep her safe.

But is he willing to face his past to do it?

When Aimee Jansenn stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad she comes face to face with a killer. As the only witness to a crime, she falls into a deadly situation and is in need of police protection.

Dane Scott has sworn off women. Until a fireball named Aimee enters his world. Telling himself they’re just friends, he vows to protect her. Can his heart follow suit or will she change his mind about love for good?

My Thoughts:
It's been a while since I read a really good suspense thriller with the perfect mix of romance, but this book has it all.

This book starts with Aimee and Dane interacting at a wedding reception. It is clear from the very first chapter that these characters have some serious chemistry going on between them. From the way it all started, I really expected these two to get together pretty quickly and live happily-ever-after. But sometimes books are best when we don't get exactly what we thought, huh? (haha, no spoiler alerts here)

Both Aimee and Dane have qualities that make them great characters. Each of them has a background that makes the twists and turns of this book so much more intense. As Aimee find herself in danger, Dane is the perfect man to come along and be her knight in shining armor. The way he just sweeps in and protects her is so sweet and attractive, but every time he gets close he pulls away. Watching these two dance around each other while trying to keep Aimee safe made this book so enjoyable.

This book does have a few words that you don't typically see in the Christian genre, but they are minimal compared to what you probably hear from your favorite TV show. And that moment when Dane and Aimee both find themselves turning to God to work everything out makes this a true love story.

I thought this was a great book and definitely worth the read.

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