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May 7, 2015

What's In Our Box? {Scholastic Reading Club}

Who remembers the Scholastic Reading Club? I can remember bringing home the flyers and picking out what books I wanted, and then not-so-patiently waiting for them arrive to our classroom.

About a year ago something reminded me of the reading club, and I looked into seeing if we could have an account set up for our family. I talked to someone who I explained our very small school situation, and they graciously set us up with a home school account.

Every few months I browse the catalogs and place an order for my kids. In this space, you are going to start seeing what is in our box! So without further ado...

scholastic reading club ox

This order I was focused on finding books that Ting can read either alone or out loud to us. She's just finishing kindergarten, but reading on a 1st-2nd grade level. First out of the box was a set of Fancy Nancy 'I Can Read' readers. There are three in this set. Ting loves Fancy Nancy and all her adventures, so this has been a fun set for us.

fancy nancy i can read

Next up was Amelia Bedelia. Who doesn't love Amelia! These two books are longer books (around 60 pages each), so we are reading them about 20 pages at a time. Ting things Amelia is hilarious, and these are great books for learning to read dialogue between several characters.

amelia bedelia reader set

And then there is the Junie B. Jones set of six first-grader books. I can honestly say I had never heard of Junie B. before, but I thought the description of these books on the website looks like something Ting would enjoy. And they are beginner chapter books. I posted a picture of Ting reading one of these on Facebook, and the comments blew up with people talking about how much their daughters LOVE Junie B., and how great these books are. I guess Junie B. came after my childhood reading days. But the point, I made a great mistake! Ting loves these books, and she loves that she can sit on the couch next to me and read her own "grown up" book.

junie b first grader reader set

So there you have it - our Scholastic Reading Club shipment for the month. What are your kids reading these days?