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January 12, 2015

In Between {Jenny B Jones}

So, I realize this is an "old" book by book blog standards, but I have my reasons...

I read my first Jenny B Jones book right before Christmas and absolutely fell in love with her story telling and writing style. I see quite a bit of hype about the upcoming fourth book in this Kate.. series and I wanted to start at the beginning. So here I am.

in between book cover
Unlike most kids, teenage Katie Parker never got a fair shot at a normal life. With a mother in jail and a missing-in-action dad, she's never known what it's like to truly be loved. Low on options and family members, she's soon shipped off to a foster home. Now in an unfamiliar town, Katie's rebellious attitude is at odds with her new family, school, and classmates. And after falling in with all the wrong people at school, things go from bad to really bad after she takes the blame for vandalizing the local performing arts theater.

But in the midst of a dark situation, Katie finds light in the most unexpected places: through her new friendship with an eccentric senior, the commitment of her foster family, and a tragic secret that changed them forever. And as she inches closer to acceptance and forgiveness, she finds that God has been there all along.

Poor little Katie caught my interest from the very first sentence. I love how Jones created this character and gave her so much sass and attitude, yet she made her just transparent enough to realize that she is just a scared teenager.

Once Katie arrived at her new foster home, I couldn't help but laugh at the mom. She just seemed like she was one of those everything-is-always-perfect people who is desperately hiding a deep dark secret. And her determination to make Katie feel welcome was so over the top, it just got funny to me.

I was so hurt for Katie when she got into trouble, but then I found myself smiling as she made friends with Frances and started going to church. And the actions of the church friends became a literal answer to prayer and just made me all warm inside.

This book is about more than just a foster girl trying to fit in with her new home and town. It's about God's love for us, no matter what. It's about what God will do for us if we just take a minute to put our trust in him and ask.

I'm in love with these characters. I'm definitely going to get the rest of the books in this series. I said it before and I'll say it again - Jenny B Jones might just be near the top of my favorite author list.

Four-time Carol Award winner Jenny B. Jones writes contemporary romance with wit, sass, and Southern charm. Since writing for both women and teens leaves her with very little free time, she believes in spending her spare hours in meaningful, intellectual pursuits, such as watching E!, going to the movies and inhaling large buckets of popcorn, and writing her name in the dust on her furniture.