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November 17, 2014

That's Amore {Janice Thompson}

That's Amore {Janice Thompson} | #tingsmombooks #clubwed #bookbloggers
Bella Neeley is a busy woman these days. Not only is she juggling two young kids, her hunky husband, and her always-entertaining family--she has another baby on the way. To top it off, she and D.J. are busy opening a second Club Wed location, this time a historic building in beautiful Splendora, Texas. When D.J. suggests they start off the new Club Wed facility with a bang--by getting married again--Bella isn't sure if she can handle planning another wedding. Still, who could say no to such a sweet man? 

But nothing's simple in relationships or building restoration! When Splendora's mayor shows up to contest Bella's facility, she's faced with the prospect that her long-awaited expansion of Club Wed may be destined to fail before it even gets off the ground. Determined to find out why the mayor seems to have a vendetta against her and D.J., Bella will have to enlist the help of the fabulous Splendora sisters.

Whew! What's a girl got to do to get a break around here?

Bella Neeley is probably my favorite character from all the books I've ever read. That fact has made Janice Thompson one of my favorite authors. So I was beyond excited when I found out we were getting a fourth book in the Club Wed series that focuses on Bella and her family.

In this fourth book, Bella is pregnant and DJ has decided they need to get married again - a vow renewal. They make a temporary move to Spendora to open the new wedding facility in time for their December ceremony. Once they get to Spendora, Bella gets hit with one obstacle after another. If the mayor is threatening to shut down construction, then the girls she selected as co-managers of the new facility are fighting. Her pregnancy is NOT going as planned, and all she wants to do is go home to Galveston and snuggled up in her own house.

But as always, Bella comes through everything with shining colors. But she only does it after reminding us all that God can get us through anything - all we have to do is ask and trust.

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