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November 8, 2014

A Mom's Prayers for Her Son {Rob & Joanna Teigen}

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

A Mom's Prayers for Her Son {Rob & Joanna Teigen} | #bookreview #tingsmombooks #revellreads
It's that very first moment you look into your newborn son's eyes-- wonder, joy, and the weight of responsibility overwhelm you. Questions about his needs, his well-being, and his future fill your mind. You want to pray for your son, but you're not even sure where to start.

A Mom's Prayers for Her Son is written just for women like you; women who are eager to learn the best ways to support their sons through prayer and intercession. Learn how to pray specific prayers for your son and read about testimonies of other mother's answered prayers. 

The same authors who brought you A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter will help you build a strong foundation and lifelong habit of praying for your son. The authors also explain what boys need from their parents while growing up, including ways to pray for each area of your son's life.

Being a parent is tough, and probably one of the things i worry the most about. Am I teaching them right from wrong? Am I helping them learn skills they will need in life? Do they know they are loved and how to love back?

As if all that isn't enough, I have the added responsibility of being the mom to a boy. Yes, our daughters are important. But our sons will one day be husbands and dads. They will be the leaders of their homes and the ones that our future grandchildren rely on to provide for their needs. They will be the protectors and the defenders, and the ones who carry on our family names.

So am I praying the right things for my son?

In A Mom's Prayers for Her Son, we are guided through almost 80 prayers that are specific to the needs of boys. Each prayer is proceeded with scripture to help us know God's words for our son's needs.

Some of the prayers include:
  • When he's afraid
  • When he needs courage to live for God
  • When he's rejected
  • When he has enemies
  • When he is in the wrong crowd

One of the things I also love about this book are the stories that are nestled in between the sections. Stories from real life boy moms who are willing to share their experiences to help us all raise better moms.

I've already made notes in my books and found myself marking prayers I know I will need often. This is one of those books that will remain within my reach for as long as I am praying for my son.

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