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September 8, 2014

A Special Gift {Terri Haynes Roach}

I received an advanced review copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

A Special Gift {Terri Haynes Roach} | #bookreview
"Lake Valley, where everyone knows your name, and a safe place to raise a family."

Eric Donovan and Charlie Olson were best friends in college. After years of pestering, Charlie convinces Eric to relocate his family to Lake Valley where their daughters could grow up as friends. Settling in to a small town atmosphere the girls became instant best friends.

With only one school, the outlying ranches bring their kids into Lake Valley. The kindergarten class where the girls met James and Joshua, where they became the inseparable foursome . . .

After attending Brooks Institute, Jenny Olson has secrets she's only shared with the Pastor Nathan Larson. Protecting herself, she accepts a job in Billings, Montana, after falling for a man she could never have. While visiting home in Lake Valley, she develops a special bond with Christie.

When Christie's nightmares start to become dangerously intense, her gift reveals itself. Will Jenny be able to keep her secrets, or will the past come back to haunt her?

Even on the darkest days, God creates a light. Come to Lake Valley and see where their journey begins...

This story begins in the early 70's as Eric and Charlie are heading to college. We get a very quick rundown of their collegiate life, graduation, beginning of professional careers, marriages, kids, losses, and life altering changes. Basically, the first ten chapters seem to fly by as if the author is just giving us some background information leading up to the actual story.

Once we hit chapter 11 things seem to slow down - a bit. So many characters are in and out of this story that it is hard to determine who is supposed to be the "lead" characters, but I feel like it is Christie and Jenny.

A special bond is created when Christie begins having very vivid images of trouble that Jenny seems to be having. The images become movie like and they end up being a resource in getting Jenny the help she needs from the people who love her the most.

As the chapters progress the story line seems to speed up again, and the book ends with everyone in the late 90's. There isn't a clear ending to this book, and I felt like I just stopped watching a TV series before it was over.

This book seems so rushed to me. Those descriptive details of people and places are missing and you end up not being able to connect with anyone in the story. The characters are so in and out, and all over the place that it is truly difficult to keep up with who is who, and how they relate to the story. The entire book just lacks that element that is needed to draw the reader in and keep them connected throughout the book.

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