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May 22, 2014

Tropical Kiss {Jan Coffey}

Tropical Kiss by Jan Coffey | #bookreview #youngadult #romance
Morgan Callahan has just finished her junior year of high school. Her mother has remarried and decided to take a summer long honeymoon with her new husband. That leaves Morgan shipped off to Aruba to spend the summer with her dad, Peter. Morgan and Peter have not seen each other in many years, and Morgan has already made up her mind to have a miserable summer.

Morgan arrives in Aruba and is immediately hassled at the airport by some shady characters. She is rescued when Peter's assistant, Cy, shows up to pick her up and bring her home. Turns out Cy gets Morgan's attention almost immediately. The feeling is mutual.

Within the first few weeks of being in Aruba, Morgan decides that life isn't going to be too bad. She and Cy begin dating, she makes a friend, and she begins to enjoy her life on the island. Just when you think this book is going to be your standard young adult love story, there is a turn of events that throws some suspense into the story line.

This is a great light read. I immediately became attached to all the characters and found myself smiling at all the happy parts in their lives. I wanted things to work out with Morgan and Peter, and Morgan and Cy.

This is considered a young adult read, but I really think anyone in my age group would enjoy it as a fun read. Reading it took me back to my youth to a time when life was fun and carefree. I feel like that feeling of going back is what helped to connect the reader with the characters so quickly.

This book was on the freebie list when I got it, but it still priced very reasonably now. Go check it out.

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