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May 10, 2014

Cruise {Suzanne Vermeer}

The marriage of John and Frank is what become jaded. Children are never materialized-although very-Heleen and Frank is almost always as a tour operator from home. He comes home unexpectedly one day earlier and surprised her with a romantic trip: a cruise in honor of their anniversary. The journey is great: Heleen feels the love between her and Frank once again flourish. After a few days she wakes up on board and is the place in bed next to her empty. The panic strikes if they can't find Frank. A few days later he is officially missing. Broken she returns to Netherlands. Months go by until two insurance companies contact her and she finds out that Frank led a double life. They put everything on everything to find out the truth. That will make her not thanked ...

This book started out pretty good and had great potential. Husband and wife go on an anniversary trip amd husband disappears without a trace. As the details unfold you really get drawn into the story.

Unfortunately this book got really boring just shy of the halfway point. The author seemed to move so quickly and skipped over story details that would have likely made this much more enjoyable.

Things did get a little better toward the end, but by that point I was so bored I just wanted to get it over with.

This book just was not for me.